Function marking descriptions

Protector/Protects from flaws by soften a shock when falling verticallyLens/Makes the result easy to read by magnifying a vial. G-Protector/Absorbs a shock when falling, protects building materials from scars, and prevents the product from slipping off a roof.。45°vial/A measurement of the normal grade can be made.6-line vial/Measurements of the gradients of 1/100 and 2/100 can be made. Light absorption3-gradient vial/Measurements of 3 gradients and the horizontal can be made with the vial.Concerning light absorption, for marking at each level, a light absorption sheet is pasted on under the horizontal vial.  It absorbs the light at well-lit area and emits the light at a dark area for several minutes; therefore, it makes measurement work very convenient in sudden dark areas.  When light emission efficiency decreases, leave the product at well-lit place and let it absorb the light.  However, if the product is left under the direct rays of the sun, light emission efficiency will decrease.Measurements of 4 gradients Magnet/Ideal for measurements of steel-frame constructionV-grooved measuring face/A measurement of a pipe can be made with V-grooved measuring face.Magnetic force/Magnetic force varies greatly depending on the material, thickness, and surface roughness of the item to which magnetic force is applied.
Following are examples of test results for your reference:
Mirror/Measurements of various sizes of pipes can be made with wide measuring face.Level size: ED-30MN (Level with magnet: 300mm)Mirror/A measurement of the vertical can be made from the front.With the rubber magnet, it is convenient for the steel-frame work.The rubber magnet is adsorbed in the adsorbate and it adsorbs software.Angle scale/A measurement of  360°can be made.The front, back, left and right measurement/The front, back, left and right in a horizontal plane can be measured at the same time.

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