Presbyopic mirror,Loupe


Medical Equipment - Medical Equipment Notification No.5B3X00014000001The hemispherical design guards the lens.It is designed so that the lens surface remains unscathed even when it is placed face down.Portable with a special caseIt is possible to carry compactly by putting it in a special case.Stylish packagingSmall enough to carryClear lens finishAcrylic lens dose not distort imagesPolycarbonate temple is soft and strongHemisphere projections protect lenses from scarsStylish designWith clear case● Lens: acrylic resin● Temple: polycarbonate resin● Case: polypropylene resin● With case

Names Size (mm) Product mass Product number Color quantity per carton
READING GLASSES SET+1.0 145×36×18 32g RG-1.0 Transparent 6
READING GLASSES SET+1.5 145×36×18 32g RG-1.5 Transparent 6
READING GLASSES SET+2.0 145×36×18 32g RG-2.0 Transparent 6
READING GLASSES SET+2.5 145×36×18 32g RG-2.5 Transparent 6
READING GLASSES SET+3.0 145×36×18 32g RG-3.0 Transparent 6
READING GLASSES SET+3.5 145×36×18 32g RG-3.5 Transparent 6
READING GLASSES SET+4.0 145×36×18 32g RG-4.0 Transparent 6
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