Levels for plumbing

About sensitivity and accuracy
Function marking descriptions Lens	The front, back, left and right
Feature of this product

he light absorption sheet absorbs the light at a well-lit area and emits the light at a dark area for several minutes.Precision is adjustable.Easy to measure the level of a floor.Easy to measure the level of a manhole.● Curing treatment of aluminum alloy extrusion material● Can measure all-way around ● 4-line acrylic horizontal vial with lens● 4-line acrylic vertical vial/Sensitivity / Precision/Sensitivity 0.50mm/m=0.0286°/Precision ±1.50mm/m=within±0.0859°/H49.5 X W40

Names Size (mm) Product mass Product number Color quantity per carton
MASS LEVEL 300 481g ED-30MALN Silver 3
400 593g ED-40MALN 3
500 648g ED-50MALN 3
600 741g ED-60MALN 3
700 834g ED-70MALN 3
800 909g ED-80MALN 3
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