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Quality assurance & Environmental conservation activities

EBISU CO., LTD. aims to be a company that contributes to the accurate and safe construction of buildings, having our mission to support the measurement of horizontal, vertical, and slope during the construction of various buildings by utilizing our unique technology and quality, designing and manufacturing original levels and bubble tubes with performance and specifications that meet the needs of the Japanese and global markets and customer requirements, as well as original designs that are easier to use and more accurate than anything else in the world, and selling those products, and by establishing, operating, and continuously improving a quality management system to achieve this goal.

July 21, 2020   EBISU CO., LTD.  President Kiyoshi Maruyama


We are the first level gage manufacturer in Japan to be given the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 for quality assurance.

What is ISO9001?
The ISO 9001 is a factory certification system for quality assurance established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and it certifies the quality assurance of the “design, development, manufacturing, installation and servicing” of products manufactured in the factory.

Inspection Results/ Certification

It is available to attach ISO 9001 certification of inspection on our levels and/or vials upon your request with a charge.

Inspection record Verify measurement value and inspection result toward standard permissible value
Inspection certification Verify that measuring instruments used for standard progress are traceable with international standard. (see Traceability System Chart)
Standard instrument record Verify that standard levels have passed within standard permissible value

Traceability System Chart of levels at EBISU CO., LTD.