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SDGs Action


We support the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) adopted by the United Nations and will work actively towards the creation of a sustainable society.

※SDGs 「Sustainable Development The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty,protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone,everywhere.

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Efforts to Protect the Environment


We will contribute to the sustainability of society by developing environmentally friendly products, supplying durable and long-lasting products, taking environmental measures through business activities,

【Specific Activities】

・Development of products that contain less plastic. ・Supply of durable and long-lasting (not disposable) products.
・Production from renewable energy using solar power generation and batteries. ・Replacement of all lights in the company with LED lighting.
・Thorough reuse of cardboard boxes and cushioning materials for shipping.

Activities to Help Employees Achieve Work-life Balance


We will help our employees achieve work-life balance by reducing overtime work and achieving zero work on holidays.

【Specific Activities】

・Reduction of overtime work. ・Achievement of zero work on holidays.
・Active support for employees' skill development. ・Participation in external training programs at company expense.
・Financial aid for obtaining certified qualifications.

Activities to Contribute to Local Communities


We will provide society with high-quality and high-precision products and contribute to the realization of sustainable local communities through the creation of employment.

【Specific Activities】

・Contribution to the development of sustainable communities by supplying high-quality, high-precision levels.
・Implementation of an extended employment system with the retirement age of 65. ・Active recruitment of local human resources.
・Development of cooperative production systems using the industrial clusters of the Tsubame-Sanjo region.
・Outsourcing of packaging and other jobs to local sheltered workshops.