Angle Measureing Levels

ED-20SS SUPER SLANT for General Use
About sensitivity and accuracy
Function marking descriptions Magnet
Feature of this product

Measurements of angles of 0-90°and gradients can be made.Handle is easy to hold.This product has a lifetime waterproof coating, so the pointer moving part will not rust due to rain.SUPER SLANT WITH MAGNET is also available. (ideal for steel-frame work)● ABS resin● Water-resistant● With 2 magnets● Weight type of pointerSensitivity 2.00mm/m=0.1146°Precision ±17.5m/mm=within±1.0°

Names Size (mm) Product mass Product number Color quantity per carton
SUPER SLANT for General Use 14×106×200 120g ED-20SSB Black 6
120g ED-20SSR Red 6
120g ED-20SSY Yellow 6
SUPER SLANT for General Use
139g ED-20SSMB Black 6
139g ED-20SSMR Red 6
139g ED-20SSMY Yellow 6
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