Angle Measureing Levels

ED-10SPRO Slant Level Pro 10
About sensitivity and accuracy
Function marking descriptions V groove
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The architecture measuring reference surface can be used in architectural applications. Pipes can be measured using the measuring reference surface with the V shaped groove The civil measuring reference surface can be used in civil applications. Convenient finger holding grooves Set and measure the with the 360˚ angle settings Strap receiver Straps and drop prevention cords can be attached. SPECIFICATIONS Special resin (Device) ABS Resin (Dial) Acrylic resin (Wind resistant case) 2-line acrylic l air bubble tubes Rotatable SENSITIVITY / ACCURACY Sensitivity 0.35mm/m=0.0201˚ Accuracy: Within ±1.00mm/m±0.0573˚

Names Size (mm) Product mass Product number Color quantity per carton
Slant Level Pro 10 26×100×100 100g ED-10SPRO Black(Skeleton) 6
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