About sensitivity and accuracy
Function marking descriptions Phosphorescent / 6 Lines / Lens / V groove Magnet
Feature of this product

Pipes can be measured using the measuring reference surface with the V shaped groove ED-MB Type (With magnet) With its magnet, comes convenience in general work applications through is adhesive performance. With its magnet, comes convenience in steel framing work, plant and factory applications. 6-LINE AIR BUBBLE TUBES 1/100 gradient (1min slope) 2/100 (2min slope) measuring Magnifying lens for easier us Being phosphorescent, the device draws on light from well-lit places to emit light for a few minutes in darker applications . Very convenient with its own accuracy adjuster. SPECIFICATIONS Hardened extruded Aluminium alloy lumite clear painted finish 6-line acrylic horizontal air bubble tubes with lenses 6-line acrylic vertical air bubble tubes Magnet (ED-MB) SENSITIVITY / ACCURACY Sensitivity 0.35mm/m=0.0201˚ Accuracy: Within ±1.00mm/m±0.0573˚

Names Size (mm) Product mass Product number Body Color Color quantity
per carton
BASIC LEVEL WITH MAGNET (Black) 300 296g ED-30MB Black Green 6
380 339g ED-38MB 6
450 374g ED-45MB 6
600 445g ED-60MB 6
750 563g ED-75MB 6
900 631g ED-90MB 6
1,200 862g ED-120MB 1
300 296g ED-30MBR Red 6
380 339g ED-38MBR 6
450 374g ED-45MBR 6
600 445g ED-60MBR 6
750 563g ED-75MBR 6
900 631g ED-90MBR 6
1,200 862g ED-120MBR 1
300 296g ED-30MBBL Blur 6
380 339g ED-38MBBL 6
450 374g ED-45MBBL 6
600 445g ED-60MBBL 6
750 563g ED-75MBBL 6
900 631g ED-90MBBL 6
1,200 862g ED-120MBBL 1
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